Jolly Good Communities is a Community Interest Company based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK.

Community interest companies (CICs) tackle a wide range of social and environmental issues and operate in all parts of the economy. By using business solutions to achieve public good, it is believed that CICs have a distinct and valuable role to play in helping create a strong, sustainable and a socially inclusive economy.

We are here to listen to your ideas and help you get the best out of your community. Our current team have a broad range of skills in community and business. We are always looking for other people we can collaborate with or add to our expanding team to make our community stronger

Meet the Team

Victoria Agnew – Jolly Good Communities

Victoria AgnewMy childhood was filled with street parties and organising Halloween parties for the children on my cul-de-sac. Throughout school and college, I would always volunteer to organise Girl guiding fundraisers, celebrations and themed events. Years later I realised that’s where my passion lied. Seeing people coming together, smiling and forgetting about their troubles is what really matters to me.

Just one of my roles is helping Jolly Good Communities to support people who are working hard to improve their community spirit and are making us all feel good about where we are from.

Charlotte Agnew – Jolly Good Communities

Charlotte AgnewI have worked in the community for the past 15 years mainly with young people. I have a keen interested in involving people in their communities and supporting them to make real positive change.
I volunteer as a Rainbow/Guide leader, run 2 Young People’s Centres for Barnsley Council, and grow vegetables on my allotment. You might spot me out and about it the community with my crazy dog and even more crazy husband who is a photographer.

I wanted to work on this project as I love hosting events, even more so when they benefit the community and I’m excited to see where this project may take us! Hope you guys join us for the journey.

Chantelle Haigh – Jolly Good Communities

Chantelle HaighFrom a young age I have helped my mum organise local charity events. These were always for one person in particular as appose to the major faces of the big organisations.

If someone came to my mum and said we need an electric wheel chair for our son or we need funds for cancer treatments my mum would get stuck in and get the whole thing organised and then I would help her on the night.


As I became my own person I realised that the events were what I loved to do and I wanted to be involved in helping people and bringing everyone together. From the age of 16 I have worked at various events from Football matches to local concerts, even high profile birthday events.

At 16 I also started football coaching, following my passion for the sport, but quickly realising that by giving up my time foStart writing or type / to choose a blockr free was not only allowing me to teach the sport I loved but also giving my time to allow children to be involved in a safe and fun environment. As the children came to training week in week out they were learning not just football skills but also social skills and making friends along the way.

This also allows children to gain other skills such as leadership and communication skills whilst building confidence. So from my past and current I would love to be able to bring all what I have learnt and still learning to contribute to Jolly Communities to build community spirit and bring everyone together as things used to be when I was growing up. Building a brighter future for my own children.


Victoria Hobson – Jolly Good Communities

I came to Community Organising with a background of working in the retail charity sector, hospitality (ran my own pub!!) and community based voluntary work. Through my employment and voluntary work, I have developed further skills in project management, training, event planning, fund bid writing and listening. As an Organiser I have found that my skills enable me to connect with divergent neighbourhoods and I currently work with community members throughout South Yorkshire to help get their project ideas off the ground. Improving the quality of their community and building relationships with residents and other organisations is a necessary key feature and I work closely with others to build and maintain a network that benefits everyone. I attend community events and can often be seen in fancy dress whilst face-painting, chatting to the young people or asking, ‘what do you like where you live?’ oh and I end everything with xoxo so if you see me around please do come chat and say hello…but for now xoxo.

Andrew Spaxman – Jolly Good Communities

AndrewAs well as mucking in with the day to day stuff at Jolly Good I’m here to listen to your great ideas and the challenges that people face in our community on the Internet. I’d love to be your digital superhero and help you in the best way I can. Like many superheros, I have patience but I don’t wear my pants outside of my trousers.  I have over 30 years experience in helping individuals, business and community groups get the most out of the Internet.

Christine Tate – Jolly Good Communities

Chris TateOn returning to education later on in life I attained my degree in Social Sciences and then said what now. Well, as I already had my typing skills I continued to work as a secretary for the next few years and then having my first grandchild thought about how I could help her with life so I enrolled her in Rainbows and then became a volunteer in Guiding which led me to having my own Brownie Unit. I also ran a group in my younger years called “Young Wives” which catered for the mothers rather that the children and this I folded after 6 years when we opened the first children’s nursery on Sidcop Road.

Being an organiser has always given me great satisfaction so over the years I have run a Mother and Toddler group for 9 years, I have organised street parties and bonfire parties for my area and also took trips to Blackpool and Harry Potter World. So as you can see I like to keep going and I am now Church Warden which is also voluntary and the age old adage comes to mind “if you want anything doing then ask a busy person” so now Unit Helper at Rainbows, Unit Leader with Brownies and at church my life seems to be full. But, I always find time to do more. I am looking forward to being part of this community team.

Company number 11281555