Are you a community leader?

Community Leader

Communities all over the UK are taking control of their own lives by offering and running local  services and business.

Jolly Good Communities believes at the heart of a community is leadership and it’s a social process with consensus. Together we can all share a vision and make things happen.

Community leadership is not without challenges, but communities have great scope for innovation and tackling new problems on which little or no previous research has been done. No one has all the answers and no one has all the authority, but if we collectively agree a vision and act together then community leadership has an important role in all of our futures.

Everyone can be a community leader, it is  not an art or science. Neither is reserved for the chosen few or for those with status or charisma. There is no rule book – it’s ultimately down to the people involved.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a natural leader in the traditional sense, you can show leadership by doing something small and getting others on-board. Maybe a big lunch or even doing a litter pick?

You don’t have to be a visionary, expert or an organiser to be a community leader. Sometimes communities need someone to just step forward and make things happen. In communities leadership is about helping people to reach a consensus through conversation and exploring new ways to create a shared vision.

We all have the ability to influence others and have the capacity to offer leadership even if we don’t realise it yet. Join us now!!!

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