Do We Need More Bank Holidays?

A Royal Occasion

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The birth of a royal baby this Saint George’s Day has renewed people’s enthusiasm to make the day a national holiday. According to the Huffington Post, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said there should be four new bank holidays for the whole of the UK to celebrate each nation’s patron saint.

Saint Patrick’s Day has been celebrated in Ireland since 1903 and is celebrated all over the world, with notable events held in the United States. With a large influx of Irish Immigrants beginning in  the late 1800’s, due in part to the Irish potato famine, the United States hosts some of the biggest parades to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland.


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So, if the United Kingdom, at some point in the future, had four more national holidays, what would we do with our time? Would this beget more family time? Would it lead to more people crowding into pubs? Would more families flee the British climes for the sunnier shores of the Mediterranean? Or would it just be a drain on an already struggling industrial economy?


Saint George’s Day this year was marked by English Heritage at Bolsover Castle, Richmond Castle, Warkworth Castle and Beeston Castle. Various towns and cities hosted events and activities. Even Barnsley got in on the action by hosting  small event which included a coffee morning with the Mayor and St. Luke’s Parish Church Grimethorpe hosted a performance from the Grimethorpe Colliery Band. Despite these events taking place, they were small and unassuming. Is St. George’s day revered enough by the English to warrant the extra attention?

Our questions to you

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What are your thoughts about Saint George’s Day? Should it be made a national holiday? Could we be doing more to spend time together and should we celebrate a guy, who according to legend, fought a dragon with bravery and valour? Could we, as a community, seize the opportunity to create a robust series of events in and for the spirit of our communities?

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