community vision

Jolly Good Communities believes together we can all share a vision and make things happen

Jolly Good communities was setup in 2018 as a community interest company (CIC)  and exists to engage, support and encourage local groups and individuals who are wanting to make a difference in their community. 

We strongly believe by doing this we can together help tackle a wide range of social and environmental issues in our communities by using business solutions to achieve this. Being a community company allows us to make profits which get re-invested back into our projects for local public good.

What we aim to do

  • Engage, support and encourage local communities and individuals
  • Reach out to people who feel socially isolated
  • Help tackle anti-social issues that exist within our local communities
  • Develop trust in our community

How we will achieve this

  • Improve community spirit through organising & supporting local events
  • Encouraging the use and learning of technology to achieve good in our community
  • Give advice and support to new community projects and start ups
  • Work with the local community and organisations to make our community a safer place