Police horses come back to Cudworth

Police Horses Cudworth

South Yorkshire police force is bringing its horses back to Cudworth at Ring Farm after two years after they were moved to shared stables in a neighboring county.

Nine South Yorkshire Police horses and riders were moved from Cudworth near Barnsley to West Yorkshire Police’s base in Wakefield that took place under South Yorkshire’s former chief constable, David Crompton, who also dismantled the neighborhood policing system.

They were still used for South Yorkshire duties while at Wakefield, especially in crowd control at football matches and for policing other local events. The horses were also used for national events, including the London 2012 Olympics and policing major world conferences.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire has approved £275,000 to update the county’s stables.

We think it’s great to see them back again in Cudworth where they belong.

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