Professor Pumpernickel blows up Shafton Club

The purple haired mad scientist with fire, explosions and mind-bending magic just blew the roof off at Shafton Club today with his amazing crazy science show.

Lots of local families turned up on a cold rainy Saturday to see fun science experiments in Shafton celebrating British Science Week.

There were lots of great experiments including the swirling wheel that made his head get bigger and smaller, exploding custard powder and big smoke rings.

What amazed us parents most is the knowledge that our kids already have in science and technology. However smart you think you are there will be always a 4 year old learn you something you never knew.

Kids loved it and parents did too. Everyone got involved. He doesn’t take hostages does he? You can’t hid behind your children that’s for sure. All good good family fun!!!

It’s Professors and Jolly Good Communities mission to enthuse all ages and abilities about science in hope of seeding some of our future inventors, explorers, life savers and superheroes.

Are you a science superhero still at at school? We’d love to hear from you.